Thursday, March 1, 2012

Historical Church Writings #20: J.S. Bach

"Ah now, my God, thus do I fall assured into thy bosom. 
Thus speaks the soul which trusts in God when he the Savior's brotherhood and God's good faith in faith doth praise. Take me and work thy will with me until my life is finished. 
I know for sure that I unfailing blest shall be if my distress, and this my grief and woe, by thee will thus an end be granted: For thou dost know that to my soul thereby its help ariseth, that in my earthly lifetime, to Satan's discontent, thy heav'nly realm in me be manifest and thine own honor more and more be of itself exalted. 
Thus may my heart as though commmandest find, O my Jesus, blessed stillness, and I may to these muted lyres the Prince of peace a new refrain now offer.
To my shepherd I'll be true. Though he fill my cross's chalice, I'll rest fully in his pleasure, He stands in my sorrow near. One day, surely, done my weeping, Jesus' sun again will brighten. To my shepherd I'll be true. Live in Jesus, who will rule me; Heart, be glad, though thou must perish, Jesus hath enough achieved. Amen: Father, take me now! 
If I then, too, the way of death and its dark journey travel, Lead on! I'll walk the road and path which thine own eyes have shown me. Thou art my shepherd, who all things will bring to such conclusion, that I one day within thy courts thee ever more may honor. 
-- Johann Sabastian Bach

Jesus Juva,
Soli Deo Gloria

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