Monday, May 9, 2011

The Same Thing But Different

Today was a day where we needed to do something different. Our daughters had been cooped up inside the house for quite some time now and really needed an outing. We really didn't want to just load everyone up in the car and drive around and it was kind of a drizzly cool day. So what did we do? My inner Eagle Scout kicked in and we set up a tent in the yard. Yep, it ended up raining, and there was a wind, but we had blast outside in our little "get-away." My wife Kim and I brought out blankets, pillows and stuffed animals.

While Kim and the girls played I took care of prep and office work on the laptop and cellphone. We ran an extension cord in through the tent door to provide power for the laptop. It worked out pretty well. For lunch we had salomi, cheese and crackers.

After lunch, it took some coaxing, but we finally were able to get the girls to go down for a nap in the tent. I went and ran some errands and Kim read while the girls slept. Before I came home I stopped by Baker Boy and picked up a few face cookies and maple sticks.

Sometimes with the monotony of life it helps to vary things up a bit. An escape doesn't have to mean going somewhere different. Sometimes it just means doing the same things differently. A tent in our yard, despite the weather, provided that variance for us today. I got work done, my wife read, my girls played and we got to enjoy the same things with each other differently, making for an enjoyable drizzly cool day in Eastern Montana.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your outing and your blog in the process. Pretty snappy if I do say so myself! And hear I thought I knew all there was to know about Leif. An Eagle Scout eh? How did I miss that one. It fits for sure. I was a boy scout for a few months, but our troop was kinda lame and I wasn't as out going as I am now. :D