Friday, November 25, 2011

And now the decorations can go up

A conviction of mine that has been getting stronger and stronger is waiting to put up the Christmas decorations. It seems more and more the media and stores keep on stocking earlier and earlier their Christmas wares. Christmas music starting November 1st? What's that about?

My conviction? The earliest decorations should go up or music should be played is the day after Thanksgiving. So, today, ours are going up. The 7 1/2 foot we that we didn't know for sure would fit our not in our new location does indeed fit and my wife's Polar Express train is going up around the base off the tree. I'm hoping that I can hide the magi before my wife knows what I've done so that they don't make it up with the rest of the nativity scene. (They didn't find Christ, after all, until he was about 2 years old. On Epiphany they can make an appearance)

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