Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sugar Beet Blogging: Day 5

We started at 4:30am this morning. Not quite sure when they'll shut us down today. We guessing around 3pm or whenever the injector for the tractor pulling the digger comes in today.

This morning I had an interesting experience. Some guy with Idaho plates decided he really needed to get somewhere so he passed me on the shoulder as I was preparing to turn to drive into the beet dump. Now, I can't say that all Montana drivers are great, but, good grief...

Listening to more Rosenbladt today. Great stuff. The one so far today is "Where in the church is the Gospel?" At one point he talked about how the Gospel is not about Jesus coming to heal people. This stuck out to me because of events from this summer. Some wing-nut outfit in my area held "Healing Services" in a circus tent for several weeks in Sidney. A Reformed pastor who is a friend of mine went to check things out to see what was going on. After an abysmal service under the tent my pastor friend ask the big wig in charge "So, what exactly is the Gospel." The man smiled warmly and answered, "Jesus came to heal people."

Well, yeah, Jesus did heal people, and I'm very glad he did, but that's not the Gospel. And what happens to those poor people who are taught that as the Gospel?

I like how Rod Rosenbladt explained it. If it's now about Christ's death on the cross, burial and ressurection for us, then it's not the Gospel.

Lord of the harvest, please protect our crew and the other crews working this harvest. Thank you for your salvation. Jesu Juva, Soli Deo Gloria. Amen
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